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Signs that Signal the Refrigerant Shortage in the AC System

Are you having some problems with your air conditioner? It is not working fine or is there any non-functionality in the unit? It might be possible that your machine needs refrigerant. Sometimes there is a refrigerant leak in the machine which affects the cooling in your house. So to rectify this issue, it is necessary to recharge the AC machine. Once the refrigerant is refilled, then the AC will work fine and in a consistent manner. For your reference, the AC repair Coral Springs service has mentioned few signs that may help you in knowing that your system is low on refrigerant.

The Unit is Running but not Cooling

The refrigerant absorbs heat in the air. If there is a shortage of the refrigerant, then the cooling machine won’t be able to absorb the heat in the air. So this in turn will make the system run continuously but it won’t be able to cool the house properly. So, this is the sign that the refrigerant is not enough in the machine.

Electrical Bills Rises

Now if you keep your air conditioning machine running all day and night because of compensating the temperature differences, then you will probably notice that the electric bills rises up. So, if you notice that the bills are coming more than before, then this is an obvious sign that there is a refrigerant shortage in the system.

Vents Blow Warm Air

When the refrigerant is low, then the air conditioning machine won’t be able to absorb heat in the air. This causes the AC to blow warm air and thus the vents will also blow warm air in the house. So when you notice that the air coming from the vents is warm, then this a sign of the refrigerant shortage in the machine.

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