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Some Common Causes of Low Airflow in AC System

The AC unit works in an adequate manner and gives you a consistent supply of the cool air. Keeping AC in a good condition should always be your priority so that you should get the required services. But there are many problems that could make the unit not to work so effectively. One such problem is that when it gives low airflow and you suffer from it in the summer. When the low airflow problem occurs, then the uneven cooling remains in the home. Also the desired temperature reaches after an extended period of time. So the best way is to get it checked by the professionals and fix the issue. For your reference, AC repair Coral Springs service has mentioned some causes of the low airflow by the AC unit.

Clogged Air Filters

The air filters catches dust and dirt particles and allow the cool air to be circulated in the home. But when the air filters are clogged with dust and dirt, then it becomes difficult for the air filters to expel quality air all through the house. And this is one of the major causes behind low airflow. So you should always change the air filters after regular intervals of time. Doing so will maintain favourable airflow in the house.

Leaky Ductwork System

Sometimes the problem doesn’t originate from the air conditioner, but with the ductwork system. If the ductwork system has some leaks and holes, then the airflow gets disrupted. This in turn causes low airflow inside the home and make you suffer from the ventilation issues. The best way to avoid the ductwork system issue is to fix the cracks, holes and leaks of the ductwork by the technicians. Once the ductwork is repaired, then you will get consistent airflow throughout your home in the summer.

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