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Whenever your AC stops working suddenly or doesn’t work well; the first thought is to call an AC service. It is because air conditioners are complex and you can’t do DIY. Though there are a few troubleshooting tips you can take to assess your AC unit before making a call.

You may think that your cooling unit can be handled on your own within a few minutes. But this is not so; because at times you have to call a technician to fix it. Still, there are a few easy DIY solutions which you can do before calling a technician. There are three main areas which you can check as described by emergency AC service Coral Springs.

Power Supply 

Check your lamps and other electrical devices to see whether they turn ON or not. If they are not turning ON, maybe they are impacted by a larger scale outage. So your AC unit will turn back ON when the electricity gets restored. Also check the circuit breaker and check the circuit on which the AC is ON is flipped or not. If it is switched off, then switch it back ON to deliver the power to your AC unit.


Sometimes your AC might not be running because of a thermostat. The thermostat is the culprit behind the broken AC unit. Now to get the thermostat back on track, you can replace batteries because fresh batteries can get your AC working again. Go through the thermostat’s settings to check whether it is set to heat, vent or off. To start the AC again, your thermostat setting should be set to cool.


Sometimes what happens is your air conditioner seems to be running. But your house isn’t cooling enough. When this happens, there are potential causes behind it, it could also mean that your vents are blocked. Now to correct it, the best way is to check every room and see whether the vents are visible or not. If there are something that is causing a block in the way, then remove it. This will help in having an adequate airflow. Make sure that the vents are in the open position.

These are the basic DIY solutions mentioned by emergency AC repair Coral Springs service which you should check before calling an emergency AC technician.

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