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Fall is a time of change inside your home. Homeowners always seek out ways to prepare things for winter; they do everything to make the home warm from inside. But they often overlooked outdoor AC unit. It happens because not using the air conditioner in the fall can lead house owners to forget about it. On the other hand, AC repair services recommend that even if you forget about your cooling unit in winter, it is recommended to winterize it in the fall.

It keeps your unit away from wear and tear and unnecessary getting it caught, in losing its efficiency. Now these glitches can cause your AC not to work effectively in the next summer season. So to retain the life of your unit and not to harm it in anyway, it is essential to adhere to top DOs mentioned by emergency AC service Coral Springs that will winterize your air conditioning system perfectly.

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Shut Off the Power

Shutting off the power to the unit will not turn the unit ON and hence won’t harm it. Shutting the power off on warm days also will not turn the unit ON. So the best way to winterize the system is to shut off the power to the unit.

Unstuck the Stuck Debris

Remove the stuck debris which is there in the fins of the condenser. Because the fins are susceptible to collecting leaves, grass, trash, and other materials. During the summer when you use your AC system, the fins get accumulated with debris and dust and thus it has to be removed when you are winterizing your machine.

Wax the Unit

The best way is to add a coating of wax to the exterior of the condenser unit to protect the surface from rains, storms, winds, and snow. Besides this, if there are chances of any other harm getting affecting the unit, those harms will also not be affecting your unit. As you have waxed your unit properly.

Remove Snow

In winter, storm can occur, but don’t worry, just brush off the top of your AC unit. Because there would be trash piled up on the top of the unit which needs to be removed to prevent further damage. Ensure the plywood cover is secure and in its place.

For more tips and tricks on winterizing your air conditioner in winter, feel free to access the emergency AC service Coral Springs. The experts are efficient enough to make you understand all about how to winterize your unit.

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