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Why Your Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air? Any Idea?

When you notice that the air from your vents is blowing warm air is usually an alarming condition.   The warm, lukewarm feel can cause problem when your system runs, but you don’t get a quality cool air supply. Sometimes in this situation, you need to call a technician or sometimes you can troubleshoot yourself. So what are the causes behind this issue? Well! Need to know, just read the blog in which the AC repair Coral Springs service has summarized obvious causes behind the warm air from your AC unit.

Check Whether the Outdoor Unit has Power

Your AC unit is a high-powered appliance, which means it draws energy to work or function properly. Even if there is a small surge in the power supply, then it causes the outdoor unit to trip the circuit breaker. So when you notice that the AC is blowing warm air, just check the circuit breaker panel for a tripped switch.

Check the Air Filter

Most manufacturers say that air filters should be disposable after 90 days. So if you are using an air conditioner unit throughout the day or week, then the filter will be going to become dirty before 90 days. Then it becomes essential to change the filters to avoid the dirt stagnating inside the air filters to avoid the warm air issue. The warm air issue from the filter happens because when the filter is dirty, it blocks airflow and then it lets the AC system work hard to supply the cool air supply.

Check that Nothing is Crowding the Outdoor Unit The AC unit releases heat and therefore it needs space to ventilate properly. Hence, it is essential to have some space around the condenser unit to keep it working feasibly. Otherwise, the unit will not work in a usual manner. Also try to remove the tree leaves, shrubs or any other type of contamination from the outdoor unit. This will secure the unit and won’t allow it to blow warm air.

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