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Is your heat pump making a loud sound? If that is it, you should check it again. Heat pumps making sound aren’t a good thing; you should stop them or replace any part of it. This way you can get back to normal. But have you ever realized why it is so? Or why does it make a loud sound? Generally any machine will make a sound, but when it is too loud, you need to be wary of. But what’s causing it to happen? Any idea? Here you can learn the causes which are highlighted by heat pump repair Coral Springs service here in this blog.

Fan Blades

In cold weather, the fan blades hit chunks of ice and generate noise. Sometimes even the blades hit the loose wires and other parts and generate noise. So whenever this happens, turn off the unit so as to avoid damage to fan blades and to other parts. This will also save your motor from unnecessarily overworking.


Sometimes loose screws in the cover panel cause noise. But if the loose screws aren’t the cause, then most probably rattling and vibrations are due to loose hardware parts which need adjustment. Another cause of noise is when refrigerant piping is strapped too tightly or loosens out of the ductwork unit. This thing worsens overtime until there is a replacement.


Now when you hear this sound it is from a motor that gets bad when overdone. So when you hear a high-pitched squeal sound, it could indicate a problem with a motor of your heat pump.    

So always check out the sounds generating from your machine. But when it makes a loud sound, make sure to get your unit repaired.

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